Removing Centrify Agents

Follow the steps below to remove the Centrify Agent for *NIX and command line programs—such as adinfo, adjoin, adquery, dacontrol, and dzinfo— from the computer.

You can rerun the script interactively or silently using a configuration file to remove Centrify software from a managed computer.

To remove the agent and other packages using the script

  1. Log on and open a terminal on the managed computer.
  2. Run the adleave command to remove the computer from the domain controller.

    adleave -u administratorname

    The user name you specify with the administratorname argument should be an account with Active Directory administrator privileges.

  3. Type the password for the an account name you specified.
  4. Change to the directory that contains the extracted agent package.
  5. Run the installation script.


    The script determines the Centrify software you have installed on the computer and displays the details for you to review.

  6. Enter E to proceed.
  7. Confirm the removal of packages by entering Y to proceed.
  8. Enter Y to reboot the computer after removing software packages.