Installing the Centrify Agent for *NIX

The Centrify Agent must be installed on each UNIX or Linux computer you want to manage. After you have downloaded platform-specific agents for the operating systems you want to evaluate, you should make sure the software is on the physical or virtual UNIX or Linux computer you are using for the evaluation.

To install the agent package

  1. Log on to the UNIX or Linux computer with root privileges.
  2. Copy the Centrify Agent for *NIX package for the local operating system to the computer and change to that directory.
  3. Extract the contents of the package.

    For example, if you have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux based computer, you might enter the following:

    gunzip centrify-server-suite-<release>-rhel5-x86_64.tgz
  4. Expand the archive file.

    For example, if you have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux based computer, you might enter the following:

    tar -xvf centrify-server-suites-<release>-rhel5-x86_64.tar
  5. Run the script.

    For example, if you are running Red Hat Enterprise Linux you would enter the following:

  6. Follow the prompts displayed to check whether the local computer is ready for the installation.

    If there are errors, you must fix them before installing the software. Warning messages are informational, but do not prevent you from installing the software.

  7. Follow the prompts displayed using the following instructions:

    Prompt Action

    Do you want to run adcheck to verify your AD environment?

    Enter N to skip post-installation checks.

    Join an Active Directory Domain?

    Enter N to join later.

    Enable auditing on this computer (audit and monitoring service NSS mode)?

    Enter Y to enable auditing.

    Do you want to continue (Y) or re-enter information?

    Enter Y to install the default packages.

    Enable Linux Desktop auditing on this computer?

    Enter Y to enable Linux desktop auditing.

    If you have more than one Linux or UNIX computers included in the evaluation, repeat Step 1 through Step 7 on each computer.

  8. Verify the installation by running the adinfo command at the UNIX command prompt.


    This command-line program displays information about the Linux or UNIX computer’s status in Active Directory. At this point, the output should show you that you are not joined, but Licensed Features are enabled.