Joining the domain

You are now ready to use the adjoin command-line program to join the Linux or UNIX computer to the Active Directory domain you are using for evaluation.

The most basic syntax for the adjoin command is:

adjoin domain -z zone -u username

For more information about adjoin syntax and options, see the man page for the adjoin command.

To join an Active Directory domain from a Linux or UNIX computer

  1. Log on to the UNIX or Linux computer with root privileges.
  2. Run the adjoin command, specifying the domain, zone, and the account name for an Active Directory administrator with permission to join the domain.
  3. Enter the password for the Active Directory account used to join the domain.
  4. Verify the UNIX or Linux computer is joined to Active Directory by running the adinfo command.


    The output should look similar to the following:

    Local host name:   my-eval
    Joined to domain:
    Joined as:
    Pre-win2K name:    my-eval
    Current DC:
    Preferred site:    CA
    Last password set: 2020-08-14 11:24:32 PDT
    CentrifyDC mode:   connected
    Licensed Features: Enabled		
  5. Restart the Linux or UNIX computer.

    Restarting the computer is not required, but is recommended to ensure that all services are restarted.