Performing basic account-related tasks

Centrify command-line programs are installed by default with the Centrify Agent. The commands are typically installed in one of the following directories: /usr/sbin, /usr/bin, or /usr/share/centrifydc/bin.

Command-line programs allow you to perform basic Active Directory or UNIX administrative tasks directly from a UNIX shell or using a shell script. These commands use the underlying adclient service library to enable you to perform common tasks, such as changing your Active Directory password or setting your effective group membership. You can also use command-line programs to view information, such as the connection status and current zone for a managed computer or details about your effective rights and roles on a local host.

You should use the UNIX command-line programs interactively or in shell scripts when you must take action directly on a UNIX computer, or when taking action on the UNIX computer is most convenient. For example, if you typically log in to a UNIX terminal on a daily basis, you might want to change your Active Directory password by running a command in a login shell on that UNIX computer.