Checking your rights and role assignments

Your role assignments control where you can log in, the type of account you use to log in, the specific access rights you have on local or network computers, the types of commands you can execute, and whether you must log in using a restricted shell. As discussed in Types of access rights, there are three categories of access rights for UNIX and Linux computers:

  • Command rights
  • PAM application rights
  • Secure shell session-based rights

Depending on the details of how roles are defined in your organization and the specific roles you have been assigned, you might have some or all of the access rights described in the following sections.

You can use the dzinfo command to look up detailed information about your rights and role assignments, any restrictions on when they are available, and what the roles allow you to do. To learn more about the dzinfo command, see Check your rights and roles using dzinfo.

Note:   You can view information about your own access rights and role assignments only.