Using secure shell session-based rights

If your administrator has assigned you the sshd or ssh right, login-all right, or a custom PAM access right, you can use secure shell rights to perform specific operations on remote computers. The following are a list of predefined secure shell session-based rights that might be assigned to you:

  • dzssh-all grants access to all available secure shell services.
  • dzssh-direct-tcpip allows local and dynamic port forwarding (ssl-L, ssh -D).
  • dzssh-exec allows command execution.
  • dzssh-scp allows secure copy (scp) operations.
  • dzsh-shell allows secure terminal (tty/pty) connections.
  • dzssh-Subsystem allows external subsystems, with the exception of the sftp subsystem, which has its own right.
  • dzssh-tcpip-forward allows remote port forwarding (ssh -R).
  • dzssh-tunnel allows tunnel device forwarding.
  • dzssh-x11-forwarding allows X11 forwarding.
  • dzssh-sftp allows SSH File Transfer Protocol.