Creating an Active Directory user and group

Evaluation scenarios covered in this guide require an Active Directory user with normal user privileges to demonstrate different features. For example, you will create access rights that grant elevated privileges to a role and assign this user to the role to use those rights.

To prepare for the evaluation scenarios:

  1. On the Active Directory domain controller, open Active Directory Users and Computers.

    For example, create the user amy.adams to represent a domain user with a valid logon account.

  2. Select Action > New > User and follow the prompts to create a new Active Directory user.
  3. Select Action > New > Group and follow the prompts to create a new Active Directory group.

    For example, create the group Eval Group to represent a typical Active Directory security group to which you would assign a role.

  4. Right-click the user name and select Add to a group to add the new user to the new group.

    You might also want to add your own Windows account to the new group. Adding your own account to the Evaluation group makes it easier to demonstrate some features, such as assigning roles to group members.