Configuring Active Directory using Access Manager

The setup program adds shortcuts for selected components to your desktop to give you immediate access to the consoles you will use. Before you can use Access Manager to create zones, define access rights and roles, and assign roles to users and groups, however, you use it to run a Setup Wizard that prepares the Active Directory forest with parent containers for licenses and zones.

To use the Setup Wizard to configure Active Directory:

  1. From the desktop, open Access Manager.
  2. Select Use currently connected user credentials to use your current log on account, then click Next.
  3. Select Generate Centrify recommended deployment structure and Generate default deployment structure, then click Next.
  4. Click Browse to select the container you would like to use for the deployment structure.

    You can select any domain in the forest, including the forest root domain.

  5. Select a location for installing license keys in Active Directory, then click Next.

    The Setup Wizard displays information about the Read permissions that must be granted on the container. Click Yes to continue.

  6. Type, copy and paste, or import the license key you received, click Add, then click Next.

  7. Click Next to use the default container for Centrify zones.

  8. Click Next to skip the following options:

    • Grant computer accounts permission to update their own account information.

    • Register the administrative notification handler.

    • Activation of Centrify profile property pages.

  9. Review the summary, click Next, then click Finish.

The wizard opens the Access Manager console. For reference, the user account under which you are logged in displays in the main panel just below Access Manager.