Additional auditing tools

Because the evaluation computer has the complete auditing infrastructure, you have several additional tools available for managing different components of that infrastructure. For example, computers that have the Centrify Agent for Windows installed also have the following Auditing and Monitoring Service Settings. You also have access to the Audit Collector Control Panel, Audit Management Control Panel, and Audit Manager console. All of these programs are available from the Windows Start menu.

You use the control panels to configure and troubleshoot the component operations. Audit Manager provides a overview of all audit-related components. From Audit Manager, you can view the status of components, modify component properties and relationships, and manage audit store databases. You can also use Audit Manager to create audit roles, assign users to the audit roles, and manage permissions.

Audit Manager includes one Master Auditor role with full control over the installation. As the Master Auditor, you can manage and control all permissions for the installation.