Installing the Centrify Agent for Windows

You are now ready to install the Centrify Agent for Windows on the client computer to begin the evaluation. In a production environment, you would install the agent on all of the Windows computers in the domain that you want to manage or audit.

Note:   The following instructions assume you are still logged in with your administrator account. Be sure that this account has at least the Windows Login and Rescue ‑ always permit login roles assigned as described in Assigning yourself the default Windows Login role to ensure you can log on after the agent is installed. If the account you are using to install the agent does not have the Windows Login role assigned, the agent configuration wizard will allow you to assign the Windows Login role to the domain administrators (Domain Admins) group when you join a zone.

To install the Centrify Agent for Windows using the setup program:

  1. Insert the Centrify distribution CD into the computer on which you wish to install the agent or browse to the location where you have saved downloaded Centrify files.
  2. On the Getting Started page, click Agent to start the setup program for the agent.

    If the Getting Started page is not displayed, open the autorun.exe file to start the installation of Centrify software.

  3. If a previous version of the agent is installed, click Yes when prompted to upgrade the Centrify Agent for Windows.

  4. At the Welcome page, click Next.

  5. Review the terms of the license agreement, click I accept the terms in the License Agreement, then click Next.

  6. Accept the default location for installing components, or click Change to select a different location, then click Next.

  7. In the Ready to install Centrify Agent for Windows page, click Install.

  8. Click Finish to complete the installation and start the agent configuration panel.


You must restart the computer after you configure the Centrify Privilege Elevation Service. When prompted, click Yes to restart the computer immediately.

After you restart the computer, log on with your administrator account. Left-click on the Centrify icon on your taskbar to confirm that you are viewing your default desktop. In the next chapter, you will see how to configure access rights and roles and how to select from roles you are assigned.