Organizing computers and access rights

This guide is intended to help you evaluate how you can use Centrify software to manage access and administrative privileges for Windows computers and applications. However, Centrify also enables you to include UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X computers in Active Directory, providing you with a single repository for all managed computers, users, privileges, and roles. Centrify enables this cross-platform integration through the use of Centrify zones.

A Centrify zone is a logical object that you create using Access Manager. You use the zone to organize computers, rights, and roles into groups. In each group, you can define different access rights, different role availability rules, and different role assignments. You can create the zones in a hierarchy of parent and child zones, so that rights and roles can inherited or zone-specific.

As part of the evaluation, you will create a Centrify zone for the Windows computers, define access rights that are specifically for Windows computers, create roles that include those access rights, and assign roles to users and groups.