Preview of the tasks you will perform

You will perform the following tasks to set up the evaluation environment. You should perform the tasks in the order shown to prepare your environment for a meaningful evaluation that demonstrates the key features of the Centrify solution for Windows computers.

  1. Ensure you have at least one Active Directory domain controller and one Windows domain computer—also referred to as the Windows client computer.

    See Basic requirements for the evaluation for details about the system requirements for these computers.

  2. Acquire Centrify software for the Windows client computer.

    See Downloading Centrify software for Windows evaluations for details about acquiring Centrify software.

  3. On the Active Directory domain controller, create an Active Directory user and group to be used in the evaluation.

    See Creating an Active Directory user and group for details about this procedure.

  4. Install Access Manager and administrative tools on the Windows client computer.

    See Preparing to evaluate access management for details about installing these features.

  5. Use Access Manager to configure Active Directory on the domain controller.

    See Configuring Active Directory using Access Manager for details about configuring Active Directory from Access Manager.

  6. Use Access Manager to create a Centrify zone.

    See Creating the first zone for details about creating a zone.

  7. Use Access Manager to assign the Windows Login role to your Active Directory account.

    See Assigning yourself the default Windows Login role for details about this procedure.

  8. If you are evaluating Centrify auditing features, you need access to an instance of Microsoft SQL Server and an audit installation, which consists of several auditing-specific components.

    See Identifying a Microsoft SQL Server instance for details about installing a SQL Server Express instance for demonstration purposes. See Preparing to evaluate auditing for details about installing audit components.

  9. Install the Centrify agent for Windows on the Windows client computer.

    See Installing the Centrify Agent for Windows for details about this procedure.