Marking sessions for review or action

You can use Audit Analyzer to manage the status of sessions that are pending review or action. For example, you can update the status of individual sessions using the following states:

  • To be Reviewed
  • Reviewed
  • Pending for Action
  • To be Deleted

After you have marked sessions to be reviewed or pending action, you can use the predefined queries Sessions to be Reviewed and Sessions Pending for Action to see only the sessions in those states.

To update the review status for a session:

  1. Select a query then select an individual session.
  2. Right-click and select Update Review Status, then select a review state.

    For example, if the session is new and has not been reviewed, select To be reviewed.

  3. Type a comment at the prompt, then click OK.

  4. Click Sessions to be Reviewed in the left pane to see the session displayed.

    You can also view the review status and comments for a session by right-clicking a session, then select Properties.

  5. Select one or more sessions and update the review status to Reviewed.

    Again, you will be prompted to provide a comment for the change in status. Type a new comment and click OK.