What is Server Suite?

Server Suite is a multi-tier software solution that enables administrators to centrally manage access to on-premise servers and workstation, mobile devices, and applications across a broad range of platforms. With Server Suite, administrators can accomplish the following:

  • Manage local and remote access to computers with Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X, and Windows operating systems.
  • Enforce security policies and control access to applications on mobile devices such as iPhone and Android smart phones and tablets.
  • Enable single sign-on and role-based rights for on-site and cloud-based applications.
  • Capture detailed information about user activity and the use of administrative privileges.

Using Centrify software, an Active Directory administrator creates zones to organize the enterprise’s on-premise computers, mobile devices, and applications into groups. For each group, the administrator then defines rights, roles, and group policies to control access to the computers and applications in that zone. By using zones and role assignments, the administrator can establish fine-grain control over who is authorized to perform administrative tasks and when user activity should be audited.

With Centrify, your organization can reduce the risk of unauthorized access to critical resources, ensure accountability and regulatory compliance for users with access to privileged accounts or sensitive information, and simplify the management of shared accounts and role‑based access rights.