Verify that you can log on

The Centrify Agent for Windows can be centrally deployed by a system administrator or deployed locally directly on a computer. If an administrator has installed a Centrify Agent on a computer you use, the next step is to verify that you can log on successfully and locate the Centrify applet on your computer. The Centrify Agent does not change how you log on your computer. However, you must be assigned at least one role that allows you to log on locally, remotely, or both.

When you are prompted for a user name and password, type your domain or local credentials as you normally would. If your administrator has enabled multi-factor authentication for log in, you will be asked to perform one or more authentication challenges, such as responding to a text message or email message, answering a security question, or answering an automated phone call. If you provide valid credentials and have been assigned a role with permission to log on, you should see your default desktop as it normally displays with the addition of a Centrify applet that is added to the system tray notification area. By left-clicking on the Centrify applet, you can view your current desktop and assigned roles.

As part of the deployment, your computer may or may not have been joined to a zone. If the administrator has not specified a zone for your computer to join as part of the deployment process, you can specify a zone using the Centrify Privilege Elevation Service on your local computer. Contact your system administrator to find out which zone you should join.

You can check whether the agent is installed and running, and whether you are connected to a zone using the Services Control Panel or the Centrify Privilege Elevation Service. For example, click Start > All Programs > Centrify Server Suite 2021.1 > Agent Configuration > Centrify Privilege Elevation Service to view the control panel.

If the agent is installed but not connected to a zone, you should contact your system administrator to determine the zone to use. You should note, however, that setting or changing the zone assignment requires local administrative privileges. If the agent is not installed on the local computer, you should contact your administrator to find out if you are responsible for deploying the Centrify Agent for Windows on your computer.

If the zone information for the agent is configured, but the agent status is not Connected, your current rights, roles, and role assignment privileges should still be available, in most cases, from the local authorization cache. If you are unable to perform administrative tasks that you normally can perform, contact your system administrator to determine whether the authorization cache needs to be refreshed.

If you cannot log on, see What to do if you cannot log on.