What gets installed on a managed computer

The Centrify Agent for Windows package contains software to support auditing, access control, and privilege management on Windows computers. These features must be installed together on any supported Windows computer. Depending on the services to be enabled, your computer might include the following:

  • Centrify Privilege Elevation Service manages your access rights, including your ability to log on locally, connect to a remote server, and access applications using administrative privileges.
  • Centrify Privilege Elevation Service desktop applet that enables you to select roles, open new desktops, switch between open desktops, and view details about our role assignments. The applet is visible on your computer as the Centrify icon in the system tray.
  • Centrify Privilege Elevation Service Settings that enable an administrator to join, change, or leave the zone, run diagnostics, and configure and view logged activity.
  • Centrify Identity Platform Settings that enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) login, enable RADIUS authentication, and other identity services.

If you are assigned roles that define application and desktop rights on your local computer, or access rights on remote computers, the Centrify Agent for Windows must be installed on your local computer and on the remote computer.

The administrator can deploy the Centrify Agent for Windows from a central location on the network to your computer or you can install it directly on your local computer.