Role-based auditing of session activity

The Centrify Agent for Windows can be installed with or without auditing features. Depending on whether auditing features are activated on your computer and whether your role requires auditing or not, your session activity might be captured and stored in a database. You can check whether session-level auditing is requested or required for the roles you are assigned using Authorization Center. You are only notified that your session activity might be audited if the administrator has enabled notification. If you select a role that requires auditing but auditing features are not available on computer you attempt to use, you will be denied access to that computer until auditing is available.

If session-level auditing is activated, everything you do on your computer is captured, including all of your keystrokes and the screens displayed on the desktops you use. At a minimum, any time you use a role that elevates your privileges on a computer, an audit trail event is recorded in the Windows Application event log.