Solving problems with logging on

Once you have the Centrify Agent installed on your computer, you cannot log on without a role assignment. The role, however, may be assigned to your local account, your domain account, or a remote computer. Consequently, you might encounter problems logging on after the agent is deployed. For example, you might find that you can log on to your computer using your local account but cannot log on using your domain account or have trouble connecting to a remote server.

You have no control over the roles assigned to your local, domain, or remote server accounts. These are all set by the administrator. There are a couple of things you can try if you cannot log on:

  • Try to log on using a local user account or using a different domain account if you have more than one account available.
  • Determine whether the computer you are using is connected or disconnected from the network. In rare cases, authorization information might not be available when a computer disconnected from the network.
  • If you cannot log on to a remote computer, confirm that you have role that has the remote logon system right and that the computer is configured to allow users to log on remotely. Open the Authorization Center to see details about your roles and their rights.

Your administrator is the only person who can correct any log on problems. You should contact an administrator for your organization to proceed.