Creating a custom Administrative Template

The administrative template enables you to specify the following for a group policy:

  • The policy settings, including registry settings, type of configuration (computer or user), category, and help text for the policy.
  • The user interface to set the policy.
  • Validation code for user-interface fields.

Note:   The custom Administrative Template is not strictly required if you do not need to make the settings visible and available to the Active Directory or Windows administrator, but in most cases, you should create one using a standard text editor.

Once you create your custom .xml file, you should copy the file to the C:\Program Files\Centrify\Access Manager\group policy\policy directory on a computer that has the Group Policy Object Editor (normally a domain controller) or any other accessible directory. You can then add the custom .xml file to a new or existing Group Policy Object in the same way you add any other administrative template.