Installing the administrative template

By default, the .xml file for Mac OS X group policies (centrify_mac_settings.xml) is installed in the C:\Program Files\Centrify\Access Manager\group policy\policy directory when you select Group Policy Editor Extension in the setup program. To use any of the policies, you must add centrify_mac_settings.xml to a group policy object.

Centrify provides templates in both XML and ADMX format. In most cases, it is best to use the XML template. The ADMX template file, centrify_mac_settings.admx, resides in a different directory than the .xml file.

To install the administrative template for Mac OS X group policies:

  1. Create or edit an existing Group Policy Object linked to a site, domain, or OU that includes Mac OS X computers.

    For more information about creating and linking a Group Policy Object, see the Active Directory documentation or Adding Centrify settings to Group Policies Objects.

  2. In the Group Policy Object Editor, expand Computer Configuration, then right-click Centrify Settings and select Add/Remove Templates.

  3. Click Add, then navigate to the directory that contains the Centrify centrify_mac_settings.xml administrative template. By default, administrative templates are located in the local C:\Program Files\Centrify\Access Manager\group policy\policy directory.

  4. Select the centrify_mac_settings.xml file, click Open to add this template to the list of Current Policy Templates, then click Close.

You should now see the administrative template for the Mac OS X group policies listed as Mac OS X Settings under Centrify Settings in the Group Policy Object Editor.