Auto Zone domain prefix overrides

Specify a unique prefix for a trusted domain. The Auto Zone algorithm combines the prefix with the lower 22 bits of each user or group relative identifier (RID) to create unique Linux, UNIX, or Mac OS X numeric user (UID) and group (GID) identifiers for each user and group in the forest and in any two-way trusted forests.

Ordinarily, you do not need to set this parameter because Centrify automatically generates the domain prefix from the user or group security identifier (SID). However, in a forest with a large number of domains, domain prefix conflicts are possible. When you join a computer to a domain, if Centrify detects any conflicting domain prefixes, the join fails with a warning message. You can then set a unique prefix for the conflicting domains.

To set this parameter, select Enabled, then click Add. Type a domain name and type a prefix or use the arrows to set a prefix number. The prefix must be in the range 0 - 511. Click OK to enter the prefix and domain. Add as many prefixes as you need, then click OK to close the group policy property page.

This group policy modifies the auto.schema.domain.prefix parameter in the agent configuration file.