Common UNIX settings

Some of the Common UNIX Settings group policies—such as Copy files, Sudo Rights, and Copy files from SYSVOL—are implemented with a dynamic link library (.dll) rather than an administrative template. Policies that are implemented with .dll plug‑ins are always available on computers where the Server Suite Group Policy Management Extension is installed.

Other Common UNIX Settings policies—such as Set crontab entries and Specify commands to run—are available only after you add the centrify_unix_settings.xml or centrify_unix_settings.admx template to the Group Policy Management Extension. You can add or remove the group policies from the centrify_unix_settings administrative template independent of the policies implemented in .dll plug-ins.

Note:   The Centrify Agent no longer supports the ADM administrative template in versions 2016 and later. All administrative templates must be formatted in either XML or ADMX.