Set password prompt for target user password in dzdo

Specify the password prompt displayed when running privileged commands. This group policy serves the same function as the dzdo -p command.

If you set this group policy to Not configured or Disabled, the default prompt [dzdo] password for %p: where %p is root unless specified otherwise.

If you set this group policy to Enabled, you can specify a prompt of your choice. You can use the following escapes in the prompt:

%u —Expands to the invoking user’s login name.

%U—Expands to the login name of the user the command will be run as. If not specified, defaults to root.

%h—Expands to the local hostname without the domain name.

%H—Expands to the local hostname including the domain name.

%p—Expands to the user whose password is asked for.

%%—Collapses to a single % character.

This group policy modifies the dzdo.passprompt setting in the agent configuration file.