Selecting a Group Policy Object for Centrify settings

Depending on the requirements of your organization and how you have linked existing Group Policy Objects to sites, domains, and organizational units in your Active Directory forest, you might want to use one of the default Group Policy Objects, use a Group Policy Object you have created specifically for your organization, or create a new Group Policy Object that is specifically for Centrify settings.

If you have created an organizational structure for Centrify objects as described in the Planning and Deployment Guide, creating a new Group Policy Object specifically for Centrify policies gives you the most flexibility and control over the configuration settings for managed computers and the operation of Centrify software. In deciding whether to create a new Group Policy Object or use an existing Group Policy Object, you should consider where policies should be applied. You can link Group Policy Objects to sites, domains, or organizational units to control the scope of the policies you set.

If you prefer to minimize the number of Group Policy Objects you deploy, you can add Centrify settings to one of default Group Policy Objects that are installed on the Windows domain controller:

  • Default Domain Controllers Policy
  • Default Domain Policy

You can add Centrify settings to any Group Policy Object regardless of whether you have any settings configured or applied to Windows users and computers. Settings that apply to Centrify-managed computers only affect computers where the Centrify Agent is installed.