How group policies are applied

Before you can configure any settings by enabling group policies, you must create or select a Group Policy Object where the policies will apply. You can link Group Policy Objects to a specific organizational unit, domain, or site in Active Directory.

To create a new Group Policy Object

  1. Open the Group Policy Management console (gpmc.msc).
  2. Select a domain, organizational unit, or site, right-click, then select Create a GPO in this domain, and Link it here.

    You must have read and write permission to access the system volume of the domain controller and the right to modify the selected site, domain, or organizational unit.

  3. Type a name and, optionally, select an existing Group Policy Object to use as a model for the new Group Policy Object, then click OK.

Alternatively, you can select a domain, organizational unit, or site in the Group Policy Management console, right-click, then select Link an Existing GPO to link an existing Group Policy Object—such as the Default Domain Policy—to the selected domain, organizational unit, or site. Note that you cannot link a Group Policy Object to generic containers—such as the default Users, Computers, or Domain Controllers containers—or to containers you create.

Once you link a Group Policy Object to an organizational unit, domain, or site, the specific policies you enable are applied when computers are rebooted, when users log on, or at the next update interval if you set policies to be periodically refreshed.