Editing a Group Policy Object

Any time you create a new Group Policy Object for an organizational unit, domain, or site, it includes a set of default configuration options for computers and users. Initially, all of these default configuration options are defined as “Not configured” or “Not defined” and have no effect. You can then enable the specific policies you want to use for the organizational unit, domain, or site linked to the current Group Policy Object by opening the Group Policy Object in the Group Policy Management Editor.

To edit a specific Group Policy Object

  1. Open Administrative Tools, Group Policy Management (gpmc.msc).
  2. Expand the Forest and Domains nodes to select a domain,
  3. Expand Group Policy Objects for the domain.
  4. Select an existing Group Policy Object—such as Default Domain Policy—then right‑click and select Edit.

The default templates in Group Policy Objects do not include Centrify policies for Centrify‑managed computers. For information about adding Centrify policies to Group Policy Objects, see Adding Centrify policies from XML files.