Set Kerberos UDP preference limit

Specify the maximum size packet that the Kerberos libraries will attempt to send over a UDP connection before retrying with TCP. If the packet size is larger than this value, only TCP will be tried. If the value is set to 1, TCP will always be used. The hard UDP limit is 32700. If you enter a value larger than this, the value is reset to 32700 when you apply the policy.

This policy only takes effect if the policy Force Kerberos to only use TCP is not configured or is disabled (the configuration parameter krb5.forcetcp is set to false).

If Force Kerberos to only use TCP is enabled and the agent is managing the krb5.conf file, it will set udp_preference_limit = 1, so that the Kerberos libraries will always use TCP.

If you do not enable this group policy, the default value is 1465.

This group policy modifies the krb5.udp.preference.limit setting in the agent configuration file.