Set startup delay time for NIS daemon

Specify the maximum time (in seconds) that adnisd will wait before answering NIS requests. If this policy is not enabled, adnisd begins answering requests only after all maps have been loaded or created, or when the default value, 180 seconds is reached, whichever comes first. If you set this policy, adnisd will begin answering NIS requests no later than the specified delay, as follows:

Before the delay time is reached, if all maps have not been loaded or created, requests are blocked waiting for the specified delay.

Once the delay time is reached, requests are answered whether all maps are loaded or not. Be aware that clients may receive partial or empty answers to their requests.

If all maps are loaded or created before the delay time is reached, adnisd will immediately begin answering requests.

Specify a value between 0 and 100000. If you enable the policy and do not change the value, the default is 180 seconds.

This group policy modifies the nisd.startup.delay setting in the agent configuration file.