Specify allowed NIS mapping files for NIS daemon

Specify the name of the NIS maps currently available for NIS service. When the adnisd daemon connects to Active Directory, it retrieves the list of NIS maps available for the local computer’s zone, creates a local map data store, and updates this configuration parameter, if necessary, to indicate the maps retrieved. If any NIS client requests a map that is not in the list specified by this group policy, the daemon refuses the request.

Enter a list of valid NIS map names, separated by spaces. You must explicitly specify the base maps and the derived maps. For example, to make the netgroup maps available but no other maps, enable this group policy and specify the following maps:

netgroup netgroup.byhost netgroup.byuser

If this group policy is not defined, all NIS maps found in Active Directory are retrieved and available for service.

This group policy modifies the nisd.maps setting in the agent configuration file.