Notification Command Line

Define a command to process changes to local account profiles after the agent synchronizes local user and group profiles with profiles defined in a zone.

For example, if new local users are added, removed, or have their enabled/disabled status changed locally, the command that you define in this policy is executed. Typical activities that this command might perform include setting the password for new or updated local accounts, or notifying password vault about changes to local accounts and defining actions to take regarding those accounts.

When this policy is Enabled, the agent invokes the defined command in another process and passes a comma separated UNIX name list to the command for further processing.

By default, this policy is not configured (that is, no command is defined).

This group policy modifies the adclient.local.account.notification.cli setting in the agent configuration file.

This policy takes effect only when local account management is enabled through the Enable local account management feature group policy, or through the adclient.local.account.manage configuration parameter.