Enable smart card support

Use this group policy to enable users to log in with smart cards. Enabling this policy automatically enables the Group Policy Settings Enable user group policy policy.

To remove smart card support after it has been enabled, you need to set this policy to Disabled. Changing the policy to Not configured after being Enabled does not remove the smart card requirement.

Specifying the PKCS #11 module

Optionally, after enabling this policy, you can specify the PKCS #11 module to be used by smart card components. By default, smart card components use the Centrify Coolkey PKCS #11 module. However, Coolkey does not support all smart cards so you can specify a different module if necessary by specifying the absolute path to your PKCS #11 module in PKCS #11 Module. For example:

PKCS #11 Module   /usr/$LIB/pkcs11/opensc-pkcs11.so

This field supports the use of the $LIB environment variable in the path, which allows a single group policy to work for 32-bit and 64-bit systems. At run time on 32-bit systems $LIB resolves to lib, while on 64-bit systems it resolves to lib64. When you specify a PKCS #11 module, the group policy sets the following parameter in the Centrify configuration file to the specified path:


After you enable this policy, it does not go into effect until you join the computer to the domain (if not already joined) and run the adgpupdate command.