Specify applications to import system NSSDB

Use this group policy to specify one or more locations to import the NSS database that resides in /etc/pki/nssdb. This policy synchronizes the individual NSS application databases with the system NSS database. Enabling this policy gives these applications access to the most current certificates and CRLs. Many applications, including Firefox and Thunderbird have their own NSSDB for the user. This feature enables a mapper that parses the profiles.ini file at the location you specify and imports the certificates and CRLs to the location specified in the profile.

If you are using Firefox, you must run Firefox at least once before enabling this policy. Firefox creates the user-specific preference folder on first usage.

Enable this policy and click the Add button to specify the application directory in which to import the system NSS database. For each application, enter the location of its profiles.ini file. The entry must be in relation to the home directory of the user; that is, the path should start with ~/. For example, the entry for the default location of the Firefox profiles.ini file would be ~/.mozilla/firefox.

To discontinue using this policy after it has been enabled, you need to set it to Disabled. Changing the policy to Not configured does not discontinue the import.

Once enabled, this group policy takes effect dynamically at the next group policy refresh interval.