Enable user group policy

Specify whether to enable user-based group policies. If you enable this policy, user-based group policies are enabled. If you explicitly disable this group policy, user-based policies are disabled.

If you do not set this policy, the default is to enable user-based policies on Mac OS X machines and disable user-based policies on all other Linux and UNIX based computers.

When this policy is Disabled, all user configuration Software Settings and user configuration Windows Settings group policies set for computers in Centrify zones are not applied. You must enable this policy if you want to use any Software Settings, Windows Settings, or Centrify Settings group policies on computers in a Centrify zone.

User configuration group policies enabled in a child organizational unit do NOT apply to users logging in to computers in the child organizational unit who are not in that organizational unit (for example, they are in the parent organizational unit only). See Applying policies in nested organizational units if you need to have different user configuration policies at different levels in the organizational unit hierarchy.

This group policy modifies the gp.disable.user setting in the agent configuration file.