Set command line options used by adclient

Specify the parameters to use for the addns command if it is enabled by the Enable addns invoked by adclient group policy. For example, the default setting is:

/usr/sbin/addns -U -m

The -U option creates or updates the IP address and domain name pointer (PTR) records in the DNS server for the local computer.

The -m option uses the local computer account’s Active Directory credentials to establish a security context with the DNS server.

Note that computers that act as a gateway between networks may require you to specify the network adapter IP address in the addns command line. To ensure that you register the correct network address with the Active Directory DNS server, set adclient.dynamic.dns.command with a command line that uses the correct IP address for the network interface you want to use.

This group policy modifies the adclient.dynamic.dns.command parameter in the agent configuration file.