Specify the Platform instance Id to use (when the agent is not joined to a zone)

Use this policy to specify the Centrify Identity Platform instance Id (also called a tenant ID) to use when the agent is not joined to a zone.

In most cases, this policy is only required if you have access to multiple platform Ids and want to explicitly specify which platform instance to connect. For example: AAH0305

You can get the Centrify Identity Platform tenant ID from your service registration.

If you're using a version of Access Manager prior to 19.6 and you upgrade your connectors to a version of 19.5 or later, please make sure you manually update the tenant URL to use the .net domain extension after the connector upgrade. Otherwise, MFA will not work and the Centrify Identity Services Platform won't be listed in the agent configuration.

If you're already using a version of Access Manager of 19.6 or later, you can set the tenant ID on the zone. Then when you upgrade your connectors, the agent gets the new tenant URL automatically.