Running the script

You can run the script with no command-line options to manually refresh the automount NIS maps on demand. Alternatively, you can manually add the adauto.reloadtime configuration parameter to the /etc/centrifydc/centrifydc.conf file to control how frequently automount NIS maps are retrieved for the zone. If you manually add this parameter to the configuration files, you can set the value to specify that maps with a time stamp older than the specified number of minutes should be reloaded.

By default, the script gets automount NIS maps from the zone to which the local computer is joined. If the maps are not found in the joined zone, the script will attempt to get the maps from its parent zone of the joined zone. Alternatively, you can create the file /var/centrifydc/kset.automap and type the common name (CN) of the specific Centrify zone from which you want to load the automount NIS maps.