Configuring NIS clients on AIX

To configure the NIS client on an AIX computer:

  1. Stop any running NIS service and remove all files from the /var/yp/binding directory. For example, run:

    stopsrc –s ypbind

    If the computer is not already a NIS client, you can use the System Management Interface Tool (smit) and the mkclient command to add adnisd to the computer.

  2. Open the /etc/rc.nfs file and verify that the startsrc command is configured to start the ypbind daemon:

    if [ -x /usr/etc/ypbind ]; then
    startsrc -s ypbind
  3. Set the client’s NIS domain name to the zone name of the computer where adnisd is running. For example:

    domainname zone_name

  4. Start the ypbind service:

    startsrc -s ypbind

  5. Restart services that rely on the NIS domain or reboot the computer to restart all services. The most common services to restart are autofs, NSCD, cron and sendmail.
  6. Note:   The adnisd service is not supported in a workload partitioning (WPAR) environment (Ref: CS-30588c).