Specifying the server for NIS clients to use

After you install and configure adnisd on a computer, you must configure other computers or devices to send their NIS lookup requests to the computer running adnisd. The specific steps for configuring the NIS client are slightly different in different operating environments. In general, configuring NIS clients involves:

  • Stopping the connection to any existing NIS server.
  • Identifying the zone and computer name of the computer where adnisd is installed in the client’s NIS configuration file.
  • Binding to the new Centrify NIS server.
  • Restarting services that use NIS, or rebooting the computer.

For information about configuring the NIS client in different operating environments, see the appropriate section below.

Note:   The client configuration instructions assume that you are using the zone name as the NIS domain name. If not, substitute the NIS domain name you specified when you created the zone where applicable. For more information about configuring NIS clients on any specific platform and OS version, consult the documentation for that platform.