Importing and creating user and group profiles

If you want to make user and group information available to NIS clients, whether for agentless authentication or in response to other lookup requests, you must first make sure the appropriate users and groups have zone profiles and role assignments defined in the zone. The zone information is used for automatic generation of the maps passwd.byname, passwd.byuid, group.byname, and group.bygid. If you disable a user profile in the zone, the user’s information cannot be retrieved or published in response to NIS client requests, or used to authenticate the user’s identity.

You can import existing user and group information directly from existing NIS servers and domains or from properly formatted text files, such as local /etc/passwd and /etc/group files, using the Import from UNIX wizard, or you can create new profiles for Active Directory users using the Access Manager console.

Once the appropriate user and group profiles have been added to the zone you are using as a NIS domain, the information is available to NIS clients unless you explicitly restrict the publication of this information.

Note:   For information about restricting the maps published, see Customizing the NIS maps to publish. For information about importing or creating user and group profiles in a zone, see the Administrator’s Guide for Linux and UNIX.