Customizing the NIS maps to publish

By default, the adnisd process retrieves all NIS maps stored in Active Directory at each update interval, updates its local cache as needed, and makes all such data available to its NIS clients. In some cases, you may want to prevent NIS clients from accessing data in specific maps or from looking up information using a specific key.

If you want to customize the list of maps to make available to NIS clients, modify the nisd.maps or nisd.exclude.maps parameter in /etc/centrifydc/centrifydc.conf, or apply a group policy.

  • With the nisd.maps parameter, you explicitly list the NIS maps, including derived maps, to include in the local cache of map data; for example:

    nisd.maps: hosts.byname,hosts.byaddr,automount

  • With the nisd.exclude.maps parameter, you list the NIS maps to exclude from responses to NIS client requests (typically user and group information). When you specify a map, its derived maps are excluded as well. For example:

    nisd.exclude.maps: group passwd

For more information, see the Configuration and Tuning Reference Guide.