Configuring the maximum number of map sets

When adnisd receives data for explicitly-defined NIS maps, the data comes from the domain controller selected by the adclient process. If the domain controller the adclient process has changed – for example, if it is unavailable – the adclient process attempts to find another available domain controller.

To ensure the data consistency of the NIS maps retrieved from Active Directory, adnisd keeps a separate set of NIS records from each domain controller. This enables adnisd to switch between domain controllers efficiently, but uses more space in the local cache.

You can control the maximum number of alternate sets of NIS maps to maintain (default is two) by modifying the nisd.maps.max parameter in /etc/centrifydc/centrifydc.conf. For example, to keep up to four sets of NIS maps, specify:

nisd.maps.max: 4

For more information, see the Configuration and Tuning Reference Guide.