The services map is the the abbreviated name for the services.byname map. The derived maps are services.byname and services.byservicename. In most cases, the services map is created from the /etc/services file. A typical line looks like this:

service port/protocol alias1 alias2 ... # comment

For example:

uucp 540/tcp uucopy # this entry is for uucp

For the services.byname map, entries are defined like this:

  • Key is the service name or alias, so there would be separate entries for: uucp and uucopy.
  • Value for each of the uucp and sunrpc key entries would be the same: uucp 540/tcp uucopy

For the service.byservicename map, entries are defined like this:

  • Key is the port number and protocol: 540/tcp
  • Value contains the same set of fields: uucp 540/tcp uucopy

If you create a services map in Active Directory, you must include the key as part of the value. For example:

  • Key: uucp
  • Value: uucp 540/tcp uucopy
  • Comment: uucopy is an alias for uucp