Using NIS command line utilities

The Centrify Network Information Service supports common command-line utilities for performing administrative and diagnostic tasks. The following table lists those you may find useful in the Centrify NIS environment.

Use this command

To do this


Display the name of the NIS server the client is connected to.

ypwhich -m

List the maps that are served by the current NIS server.

ypwhich -x

Display the nicknames that are defined for NIS maps.

ypcat -k map

Display the contents of the specified map. This command displays both keys and values.

ypmatch key map

Look-up the specified key in the specified map.

yppoll map

Check the version number of the specified map. This command is only available on Solaris and HP-UX environments. The version number is displayed as an integer. The adnisd process does not use timestamps.