Rereading parameter values after making changes

In most cases, you can either run the adreload command or restart the agent (adclient) to have changes to any configuration parameter take effect. Running the adreload command or restarting the adclient process forces the Centrify Agent to reread the configuration parameters that have been defined, including any values that have changed since the last time the configuration file was read.

For most configuration parameters, you can run the adreload command to have changes take effect without restarting the adclient process. There are a few configuration parameters, however, that cannot be reloaded by running the adreload command. If you want to ensure that the agent rereads all configuration parameters, you should restart the adclient process. For example, to ensure all changes to adclient-related configuration parameters take effect, you can restart the adclient process.

Similarly, if you make changes to the configuration parameters used by the Centrify Network Information Service (adnisd), you can either run the adreload command or restart the adnisd service to ensure those changes take effect. If you change LRPC- or NSS-related parameters, you should restart both the adclient and adnisd processes if both are running when you make the change.