This configuration parameter specifies whether the agent is allowed to automatically edit the NSS and PAM configuration files on the local computer.

In most cases, you set this configuration parameter using group policy. You can, however, set it manually in the configuration file if you are not using group policy or want to temporarily override group policy.

The parameter value is set to true to allow the files to be edited or false to prevent the files from being edited. The following example allows both the NSS and PAM configuration files to be edited automatically:

adclient.autoedit: true

In most cases, this parameter should be set to true to allow the agent to maintain configuration files automatically. When this parameter is set to true, you can further control the specific individual files to be automatically edited in different operating environments through additional configuration parameters. For example, you can use the adclient.autoedit.nss to enable or disable automatic editing of the nsswitch.conf file or the adclient.autoedit.pam to enable or disable automatic editing of the PAM configuration file. These additional configuration parameters are ignored if the adclient.autoedit parameter is set to false. For more information about the configuration parameters to control the editing of specific files on different platforms, see Enabling automatic editing for specific files.

If you set the adclient.autoedit parameter to false, you must manually edit the appropriate configuration files to enable agent operation. For example, if you set this parameter to false, you should manually edit the nsswitch.conf and /etc/pam.d/system‑auth or /etc/pam.d files to include Centrify information or authentication through Active Directory will fail and you may disable login access entirely.

If you want to manually edit the configuration files, you should first make a backup copy of the existing files. After you make a backup copy of the files, you can use the following examples to manually update the files with the configuration information for the agent.

Note:   If the adclient.autoedit parameter is not defined in the configuration file, its default value is true.