This configuration parameter specifies how often to refresh the LDAP bindings to the preferred Active Directory site under these conditions:

  • If the computer is currently bound to a local domain controller, bindings are refreshed only if adclient.binding.refresh.force is set to true.
  • If the computer is currently bound to a domain controller in another site, bindings are refreshed regardless the adclient.binding.refresh.force setting.

If the agent is unable to communicate with a local domain controller, it automatically connects to an available domain controller in another site until a domain controller in its preferred site becomes available. To determine when a domain controller in the preferred site is available, the agent periodically attempts to re-connect to domain controllers in its preferred site whenever it is connected to a backup domain controller in another site. This parameter controls how frequently the agent performs the attempt to re-connect to the preferred site.

The parameter value specifies the number of minutes between refresh attempts. It must be an integer greater than zero. The following example sets the interval time to 60 minutes:

adclient.binding.refresh.interval: 60

If this parameter is not defined in the configuration file, its default value is 30 minutes.

In changing this parameter, you should consider your network and site topology and the reliability of your servers. If you have highly reliable network links and very good connections between sites, you may find it safe to increase this value, but if communication between sites is slow you should keep this interval short to ensure the agent communicates with domain controllers in its preferred site as soon as possible.