This configuration parameter specifies the number of seconds before information in the global catalog cache expires. The global catalog cache contains the distinguished name (DN) for each object that has been looked up in Active Directory. The primary purpose of the global catalog cache is to store the results from paged object searches. Object attributes are stored in the domain controller cache.

In most cases, you set this configuration parameter using group policy. You can, however, set it manually in the configuration file if you are not using group policy or want to temporarily override group policy.

If you are manually setting this parameter, the parameter value must be a positive integer. The following example sets the cache expiration time for global catalog objects to 3600 seconds (60 minutes), which is the default value:

adclient.cache.expires.gc: 3600

Note:   If you do not define the adclient.cache.expires.gc parameter in the configuration file, it has a default value of 3600 seconds (1 hour). Unlike the default value for other object types, the default value for adclient.cache.expires.gc is not dependent on the value of adclient.cache.expires.