This configuration parameter specifies how long, in hours, an Active Directory object should remain in the domain controller cache. Setting the parameter value to 0 keeps objects in the cache indefinitely. When you set this parameter to 0, objects remain in the cache until they are deleted from Active Directory or the cache is manually flushed with the adflush command. If you don’t want objects to remain in the cache indefinitely, you can use this parameter to set the maximum amount of time an object should be available in the cache.

For example, if you want to set the maximum time for an object to be held in the cache to 12 hours, you can set this configuration parameters as follows:

adclient.cache.object.lifetime: 12

With this setting, object values can be retrieved from the local domain controller cache for 12 hours. At the end of the 12 hour period, however, the object is removed from the local cache and must be retrieved from Active Directory if it is needed again.

If this parameter is not defined in the configuration file, its default value is 0.