This configuration parameter specifies the maximum number of seconds an object can be read from the domain controller cache before it needs to be refreshed. This parameter allows an object to be read from the cache if the age of the object in the cache is less than the parameter value.

This parameter is useful in cases where reading objects from Active Directory may result in duplicate object requests. For example, the PAM-enabled login process is designed to always retrieve the user object from Active Directory first to ensure that the most recent version of the user object is available for logging on. It only retrieves the user object from the cache if Active Directory is unavailable. Logging on, however, may require this same information to be requested from Active Directory more than once.

To prevent sending the duplicate object requests during the login process, the Centrify Agent checks this parameter. If the age of the object in the cache is less than the refresh time specified by this configuration parameter, the object is allowed to be read from cache. If the object in the cache is older than the refresh interval, the login process retrieves the information from Active Directory.

The parameter value must be a positive integer. The default value is 5 seconds. For example:

adclient.cache.refresh: 5

Note:   This configuration parameter applies to generic objects in the domain controller cache and becomes the default refresh period for all object types. You can set separate refresh periods for specific objects types using the object-specific configuration parameters. For example, you can set different refresh times for computer objects and user objects using the, and adclient.cache.refresh.user configuration parameters. This generic object refresh setting applies to any object for which you do not set an object-specific refresh period.