This configuration parameter specifies a list of domains to include as trusted domains.

If this parameter specifies any domains (that is, is not empty), only the specified domains and the joined domain will be trusted. For example, you might want to specify specific domains to trust in a trusted forest, rather than trust all domains in the forest.

Note:   Alternately, you may use the parameter to exclude from the trusted list specific domains that are contained within a trusted forest.

To specify domains to include, enter one or more domain names in dotted-name format, separated by spaces, For example:

In this example, the only trusted domains are,, and the domain to which the computer is joined.

The Centrify Agent does not probe any domains that are not on the list (except the joined domain) and consequently ignores users from other domains.

The default value for this parameter is the empty list, which has no effect on determining which domains to trust.